Past Conferences - 2016 Workshop

September 7, 2016

Welcome Remarks & Introduction of Oil and Gas Asset Clearing House

  • Brandon Davis, Chairman/CEO, Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC

Upstream A&D Today: The Current Market

  • Jim Row, CFA, Co-owner Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC and Co-founder, OFSCap, LLC.

Let's Make A Deal Lab, Part I: Analyzing & Negotiating The Deal

  • Ron Barnes, President, Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC

Mitigating Deal Anxiety With Virtual Data Rooms

  • Nicholas Renter, Regional Sales Director, DataSite, Merrill Corporation

Fireside Chat: Two Successful Buyers

  • Mark Clemans, President and Chief Executive Officer, Carrier Energy Partners
  • Steve Lipari, COO, Silverback Exploration, Inc.

Let's Make A Deal Lab, Part II: The Shark Tank

  • Mark Hiduke, CEO, PCORE Exploration and Production II LLC– Presentation not available
  • Steven H Pruett, President & CEO, Elevation Resources, LLC– Presentation not available
  • John Stroud, Manager of Business Development, Merit Energy Company– Presentation not available
  • Michael N. Foster Jr., President and Co-Founder, BASA Resources, Inc.– Presentation not available

Roundtable: Shark On Shark

  • Karl Brensike, CEO, Haymaker Minerals & Royalties, LLC– Presentation not available
  • Robert W. Kirkland, Executive Vice President, Wapiti Energy, LLC– Presentation not available
  • Kevin Townsend, President, Townsend Energy Advisors LLC– Presentation not available
  • Steve Hicks, Chief Operating Officer, Argent Energy (US) Holdings Inc.– Presentation not available