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7:30 AM
Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM
Welcome to A&D Strategies & Opportunities
Consolidation continues to gather strength in 2022, but now it’s now confined to the Permian Basin. While the Permian Basin continues to be the M&A world’s center of attention, other basins are beginning to get attention while the second half looks to heat up after a slow start.
8:35 AM
Opening Keynote: Dealing with Uncertainty
After COVID-19 appearing to recede, the oil and gas industry seems poised to move forward with capital discipline and even more deals. As oil and gas prices climbed in 2022, everyone wondered what could go wrong? Seemingly everything: the globe got the Russian-Ukranian war, inflationary pressures, supply chain breakdowns and lots of blame. What does the end of this year look like and will the industry stride or stumble into 2023?
9:00 AM
Spotlight: Scorecard - A&D Metrics, Trends and Top Takeaways
In this session, we take a look at the most recent A&D metrics and trends and the data behind the deal flow. Which basins are transacting, and which are not? What types of assets are attracting capital? Are valuations improving year-over-year, and is upside back in play? Who are the buyers and sellers?
David Deckelbaum, Managing Director, Energy – Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Cowen and Company
9:30 AM
Roundtable: Putting Stock in Deals
Deal after deal, stock has become perhaps the primary currency for companies looking to build scale under the premise that sellers will benefit from higher share prices. Month after month, public companies are finding new ways to reward shareholders with fixed and variable dividends and buybacks. Even as most E&P stocks have made healthy gains, compared to oil and gas prices they’re barely getting 75-cents not he dollar for the commodities they produce. E&Ps remain a tiny percentage of the S&P 500. With investors seemingly undervaluing stock, is it the best or only exit for sellers?
Bill Marko, Managing Director, Jefferies LLC
10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:45 AM
Buyer's Spotlight
A dealmaker will discuss their approach to a transaction, including how they’re underwriting PDP, reserves, financing and negotiations in troubled times.
11:15 AM
Roundtable: Private Equity, Pensions and Foundations
Private equity players EnCap and Apollo made a massive $1.7 billion commitment in June to Double Eagle, which will again mine the Permian for deals. That’s been the exception for the oil and gas space. Will foundations and even pension funds sit out a new round of investment or is there hope (and cash) still to be found in their deep pockets?
Networking Luncheon
1:15 PM
Buyers Spotlight
Grab an inside seat at the negotiating table as a buyer discusses the ins and outs of a transaction.
1:40 PM
Roundtable: The Federal Problem
Demonized, kicked and then criticized, deals on federal lands seem like a gamble for at least the next couple of years. The same goes for EPA regulations, pipelines and more. How are operators navigating deals in an era in which an asset’s worth can change with the stroke of an Oval Office pen?
2:15 PM
Networking Break
3:00 PM
Roundtable: Consolidation is Contagious
For most of 2021, the Permian and, to a lesser extent, the Haynesville, were the epicenters for serious, widespread consolidation. But a flurry of deals elsewhere, particularly in the Williston Basin, have dealmakers looking to new horizons – with even the Barnett starting to draw serious attention for M&A.
Stephen C. Szalkowski, Deputy Office Managing Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
Andrew Dittmar, Director, Enverus
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3:40 PM
Buyer's Panel
This session takes a deep dive into some of the most recent deals and those with capital to do deals. Hear from the dealmakers as they provide the details of the acquisitions and the motivations behind them.
4:40 PM
Roundtable: Offshore vs. Permian
The Gulf of Mexico and Permian Basin have seen a flurry of acquisitions in 2022. Two schools of thoughts have emerged as the presumed twilight of shale inventory begins to hit: in one, the Permian remains the last basin standing, pumping out oil as global demand weakens. In the other, it’s offshore GOM that’s the winner, with low-cost oil chugging along after long development times. Recent GOM and Permian weigh in. 
5:00 PM
The Deal Bunker: Networking and Cocktail Reception