Safeguarding Your Safety at Hart Energy Conferences


Your personal safety at Hart Energy events stays top-of-mind for every person on our team.

Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, we have monitored guidance from the CDC and significant state and local governments for best practices. We have consulted with other event industry professionals to enhance the safety of our registration, exhibition and conference processes.

We will have hand sanitizers available as well as masks for those that would like one.



Discounted Hotel Rooms

Book your room here - Fairmont Hotel Dallas

Call 1-800-441-1414 to book with the Fairmont Hotel block!

Omni Hotel

Beware Hotel Room Scam

 Please be aware of potential scams perpetrated by companies posing as hotel brokers.  They often call from toll-free “888” numbers or email from generic email addresses.  They will try to pressure you into making your room reservation and then charge you immediately for their services – yet you may not even have a room.
These companies are not to be used or trusted with information. They are not part of the official conference hotel(s).  They want to trick you into using them as a broker to secure your hotel room, so they can collect a broker's fee (at minimum) or so they can get your credit card information.
We recommend you use only links from our website directly to the official hotel(s), or that you directly contact the hotel of your choice.