Why You Should Register

Hours of Insightful Sessions Available On-Demand & Free of Charge

The Virtual A&D Strategies and Opportunities offers an unparalleled program blending business intelligence, technology and operational best practices.

Gain insights across a range of relevant topics. World-class conference sessions explore effective strategies, trends and technologies to increase operational efficiency. Get actionable updates and genuine market intel from leading executives and key decision-makers with active Permian business interests.

Why should you register for the Virtual A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference?

By registering, you’ll join a community of thought leaders, industry experts and both public and private equity players alike. The curated Virtual A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference program enables you to get expert advice on specific challenges and astute forecasts on what lies ahead — all streamed directly to your desk or mobile device.

Hear from Our Editors

Sessions will be moderated by Hart Energy editors experienced in reporting on energy business and technology advances. Take advantage of their agenda and see them during the conference.

Thought Leadership

Be inspired by producers and technologists who understand what it takes to succeed in the market today. Get unique perspectives on key metrics, technical solutions and business challenges.

Technology Solutions

Evaluate technology and solution providers from the examples presented within the conference sessions. Consider how presented solutions could help make your operations more successful.

Thank you to Hart Energy for putting on such great conferences. I think [they] really step up the game. We get to attend quite a few… and I really like the tone, the tenor, the audience, what we’re able to cover... Kind of a balance between “here’s what’s going on with the organization” [and] what’s going on in the industry, mixed in with a bit of the technical jargon excluded from some of the investor presentations.

Clay Gaspar, President & COO, WPX Energy

Who should register?

From producers and midstream operators to capital providers and service companies, anyone with oil and gas business interests can benefit from the Virtual A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference program. The aggregate audience typically includes representatives from:

Company types

Financial firms (i.e. investors, bankers, analysts, etc.)
E&P companies
Industry consulting firms
Law firms
Service & supply companies
Government agencies
Other professional service firms

Job functions in attendance 

Vice presidents
C-Suite executives
Managing partners/directors
Professional association presidents
Geologists & geophysicists
Exploration management

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