Conference Agenda

8:00 AM
Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM
U.S. Natural Gas & Global Security
How U.S. LNG exports, which came into existence in only 2016, play a critical role in NATO’s and global energy security in the absence of Russian supply.
9:00 AM
U.S. Dry-Gas Basin Supply
A look into the growth potential of the Marcellus and Haynesville, the largest U.S. dry-gas sources, as well as untapped U.S. “deep gas” and an update on additional U.S. gas fields, including the Gulf of Mexico.
9:30 AM
New U.S. Associated-Gas Supply Potential
The gassy fairways of the southern Delaware, southern Midland, southern Eagle Ford, Midcontinent and D-J Basin are ready to be tapped. Operators are drilling and planning to start drilling these resource-rich windows.
10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:40 AM
LNG Growth & CCS
Already loading some 13 Bcf/day, here’s a look at new liquefaction projects underway and in pre-FID as well as the new challenge of decarbonizing the supply, such as adjacent CCS.
11:10 AM
Exports to Mexico
Now at some 7 Bcf/d, projections are for continued demand growth south of the border via pipe, including due to Mexico's revised energy policy that denies new permits for new wind and solar. And the nature of the greatest demand isn’t highly seasonal as in the U.S.; rather, it’s steady, particularly for industrial.
11:40 AM
Gas Storage
Gas traders are saying the U.S. doesn’t have enough storage to reliably support daily, year-round exports of 20 Bcf/d. They're calling for more reserve facilities. What’s underway and what supply growth is needed to fill these up?
Networking Lunch
1:10 PM
U.S. Natgas Unleashed
U.S. energy policy currently and forecasted, affecting gas supply/demand.  
1:40 PM
International Macro
Where's the growth for U.S. natgas expected abroad? With what other sources of supply, e.g. Australia and Qatar, is U.S. gas competing? Are non-U.S. suppliers being called upon to decarbon as U.S. suppliers are being required?
2:10 PM
Domestic and international buyers of U.S. gas reserves.
2:40 PM
Are capital providers beginning to differentiate between oil and gas now in terms of carbon? When will oil and gas decouple?
3:10 PM
Networking Break
3:50 PM
RSG Certification & Blockchain Btu
How tokenization of methane molecules proves their “responsibly sourced gas” status and how that RSG designation is achieved.
4:20 PM
There’s growth in the renewable natgas space, particularly for local use, offsetting pressure on U.S. supply that’s directed to exports.
5:05 PM
Gas demand for blue hydrogen. Where does hydrogen work best currently? What's underway?
5:30 PM
Conference Adjourns and Closing Reception