2021 Agenda Themes

DUG Bakken & Rockies 2021

The D-J, Williston and Powder River basins are undergoing a transformation that's bringing industry-leading innovation to the Lower 48 in the hot "greener" space in multiple and exciting ways.

Producers are gaining certification of their oil and gas as lower-carbon and carbon-zero products that distinguish them from "commodities" and making them "premium" products. Much like those labels that fetch a higher value for the same, otherwise, products on the shelf. 

In the D-J Basin, operators' achievements in product certification due to their mitigation efforts have elevated their multi-billion-dollar operations into a green E&P. At least one customer, electric utility Xcel Energy, has contracted for this prized feedstock.

In the Williston Basin, operators are continuing their efforts in perfecting the EOR recipe. And they're hiring crypto-miners to turn their spare natgas into crypto-coin, resulting in reduced emissions while monetizing farflung associated gas.

In the Powder, access to a premium oil buyer continues to drive exploration and exploitation. Federal-lease issues continue, yet they're not proving to be the hurdle that was a concern when entering 2021.

The Rockies hosts a bounty of great news these days. Innovation is in further optimizing resource recovery as well. Altogether, the region is making more oil and gas while working to get higher and higher prices for it.

There's much to celebrate in industry these days. It's 2021. And America's oil and gas producers continue to make the energy that makes everything possible.

Join fellow producers, investors, financiers and OFS experts in learning what’s driving these incredible basins and what more is planned.

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