2021 Agenda Themes

What's the big picture at the 2021 DUG East and Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference?

DUG East Program

Natural Gas Demand Outlook: 2022-2050
Will severe shoulder months return? Or has the demand outlook for natural gas been changed permanently? Noted analysts share their supply and demand forecasts for the foreseeable future. A preview: Growth. Learn why.

$4 for Longer?
How long will natgas prices remain this high, and how much higher can it go before outpricing demand? A preview: It’s still got a long way to go.

The Big ’22
Control of Congress is up for grabs next year, and key races are in the heart of shale country in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. In addition, gubernatorial elections across the Northeast and Midwest will play a big role is the future of industry takeaway capacity and taxes. We look at the possible outcomes and effects.

What’s going in in the Utica?
The action is currently in the Marcellus of Pennsylvania/West Virginia while the Utica in Ohio sees few rigs up and running. Why? We look at the economics of both plays and find the answers.

West Virginia’s Well
Get a look at the outlook for West Virginia as the energy transition revs up from operators in the state.

Certified Emissions
The largest shale gas producers have begun to gain Green Gas certification and winning higher-premium contracts with buyers. How are they doing it? And what’s the outlook for growth in the premium?

The Hydrogen Outlook
Natural gas is the source of blue hydrogen. Some forecasts expect hydrogen to only make up 5% of 2050 energy demand. Other forecasts are more bullish. What is the opportunity for Appalachia’s gas producers in hydrogen manufacturing growth?

Consolidation: Who will remain in the game?
The A&D market is still working itself out and key players in the shale business are merging. Recent deals made headlines in the Marcellus. How will those mergers affect the landscape and what does the deal market for Appalachia look like going forward?

Marcellus-Utica Midstream Program

Go (Mid)west
One of the key drivers of the uptick in natgas production in the Northeast has been the opening up of Midwest markets due to increased takeaway capacity. Get a look at these projects and the future of market potential west of the Marcellus/Utica.

What about the rest, and LNG?
The Marcellus has traditionally made its mark with localized demand, shipments to the Southeast and to the Gulf and East coasts for LNG exports. With New England still blocked (for how long?), what’s the opportunity for growth in the region’s traditional markets?

Check out our agenda and speakers from last year's virtual event for an idea of what to expect: