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Efficiency-focused technologies are the lifeblood of the industry. Producers and service companies continue to defy expectations with innovative ways to produce more for less. This year's Technology Showcase brings the latest advances in completions, proppant and water management technologies with case study examples from leading companies.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Completions Technologies 

New tools, techniques, and technologies offer operators a variety of other ways to gain efficiencies in well completions. Presentations in this session will provide insights on these technologies and applications that help improve overall efficiencies.

10:40 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Jennifer Presley, Senior Editor - E&P, Hart Energy

10:45 AM

Benefits of Coiled Tubing Multicycle Frac Sleeves

Damon Aucoin, U.S. Sales Manager, NCS Multistage

11:05 AM

Understanding Dissolving Magnesium Alloys for Downhole Applications

Dr. Mark Turski, Alloy Development Manager, Magnesium Elektron

11:20 AM

The Next Step in Composite Plug Technology

Matthew Crump, VP of Lower Completions, Rubicon Oilfield International

11:35 AM

Interventionless Magnum Disk: The Evolution of Magnum Disks

Andy Mook, Technical Advisor - Northeast, Magnum Oil Tools

11:55 AM



More than just sand, proppant is the Atlas of the well, keeping fractures open for the long haul. Presentations in this session will provide insights into the advances made in proppant logistics, manufacture, coating and more. 

1:15 PM

Introductory Remarks

Jennifer Presley, Senior Editor - E&P, Hart Energy

1:20 PM 

Fulfilling Today's Proppant Delivery System Challenges

Matt Oehler, Regional Sales Manager, PropX

1:40 PM

Assuring Production in the Northeast: Utilizing Multi-Function Proppant as Chemical Delivery System to Reduce LOE

Jeff Hebert, Business Manager, CARBO

2:00 PM

Advanced Proppant Designed to Reduce Formation Water and Improve Hydrocarbon Production

Adam Harper, Technical Sales Manager, Hexion

2:20 PM

Optimization of Fracture Design with Improved Proppant Transport

Dr. Sid Banaerjee, Application Engineer, Fairmount Santrol

2:40 PM


Water & Fluids Management 

The safe and efficient management of fluids throughout the entire cycle of drilling and completing a well is key. Technologies and applications that help companies accomplish this goal are the focus of presentations in this session.

3:15 PM

Introductory Remarks

Jennifer Presley, Senior Editor - E&P, Hart Energy
3:30 PM

Technology Trends in Upstream Produced Water Management

Brent Halldorson, CTO, Fountain Quail Energy Services

3:45 PM

ShaleFlow™ - A Mobile Solution for Produced Water Treatment

Aaron Poon, Business Developer, Veolia Water Systems

4:00 PM

Produced Water Recycling in the Marcellus

Mark Patton, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Hydrozonix

4:15 PM

Recovery and Reuse of Produced and Frac Flowback Waters: Treatment with Ultrafiltration Membranes

Brian J. Ward, North America Business Developer, ApaTeq

4:30 PM

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