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1.01 - Keynote: A Macro View of the Natural Gas Market
Oil and gas executives describe the opportunities for natgas in a post-COVID, low oil price world. As associated gas diminishes from the Permian and other oil basins, natgas prices have climbed from persistently low levels over the last few years. How has the outlook changed for gas plays in Appalachia as a result?
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1.02 - Operator Spotlight: Strategies for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Market
Public and private companies pulled back as the collapse in gas prices hurt profitability. Will they maintain capital discipline as natgas optimism builds? These operators discuss their approaches to an uncertain market, including how they are addressing balance sheet concerns, tapping capital markets, and refinancing debt.
1.03 - Operator Spotlight: Liquidity & Liquids
This operator shares how its position in the rich-gas regions of the basin gives it a fiscal advantage, and how it is wringing the most value from its NGL production.
1.04 - Midstream Panel: Getting to Market
These Marcellus/Utica midstream operators discuss innovative ideas they are implementing to ensure that their customers receive the service they need, even in the face of the regulatory challenges, environmental opposition, and increasing court battles over pipeline construction.
1.05 - Keynote: Is Shale’s Story Still Being Written?
Some have said shale’s end is near? Is it, or are there many chapters yet to be written. This longtime shale executive talks about success in the Marcellus and Utica and why there’s still plenty of business to be had.
1.06 - Panel: A&D in Appalachia
These experts take a deep dive into the transaction landscape in the Appalachian plays. Which companies are consolidators? What assets are on the market? Who is interested in those assets?
1.07 - Panel: ESG in Appalachia
These experts share the most current information on how industry has and can continue to work toward excellence in environmental, social and governance strategies in the Marcellus and Utica region. What are investors demanding, and how can companies deliver?
1.08 - Operator Spotlight: Managing Costs & Making Better Wells
This operator discusses how it has improved per-well results in the Marcellus and Utica plays, from reduced drilling days to more cost-effective frac designs.
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1.09 - Keynote: Converting Molecules to Dollars
Every penny is crucial for natgas producers. This operator details how it is wringing value from every phase of its business.
1.10 - Analyst Spotlight: U.S. Gas Supply & Demand
What is the demand outlook for Appalachian natgas? In the midst of a COVID-induced demand reduction, these experts look at the domestic markets as well as LNG exports. What can E&P operators and midstreamers look forward to?  
1.11 - Regulatory Panel: Watching Washington, Harrisburg and Beyond
Regulations and politics play and ever increasing role in the oil and gas business. With the election in hindsight, these government watchers look at what we might expect from the White House, the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court. They also dive into the local politics affecting business, particularly in Pennsylvania, New York and the rest of the Northeast.
1.12 - Operator Roundtable: The Utica & Marcellus
Appalachian producers discuss how the uplift of wet Marcellus and Utica production, proximity to demand, and cost innovation are supporting returns.
1.13 - Midstream Roundtable: Meeting in the Middle?
Regional upstream producers and their midstream counterparts address what each side needs from the other in today’s market. They also discuss the opportunities available for northeast gas on the domestic and global markets.