2018 DUG Executive Conference Highlights


2018 DUG Executive | February, 26 | Hilton Americas (Image: Tom Fox/Hart Energy)

The inaugural DUG Executive conference featured executives from leading oil & gas producers across North America's unconventional shale plays. Attended by business and operations executives, the conference provided a high-level forum for frank, peer to peer discussions about the challenges oil and gas producers face today. 


Topics addressed: 

  • Success metrics and performance goals
  • Labor needs and expectations
  • Data systems and IT applications
  • Number of wells they plan to drill
  • Size of drilling pads
  • Well spacing strategies
  • Completion designs
  • Infrastructure plans (gathering, treatment, takeaway)
  • Logistics (sand, water, power)
  • Environmental issues
  • Sales and export strategies

DUG Executive Maynard Holt

DUG Executive 2018 - Maynard Holt (Image: Tom Fox/Hart Energy)

Maynard Holt, CEO of Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. began the day by making predictions on how technology and shale are coming together, partly because the tech world realized “there’s so much money to be made in the energy business, and they just hadn’t really focused on us.”

Holt noted how badly oil prognosticators missed future prices, which have warped dramatically from 2011 to 2014. Partly, that’s because of the environments in which the predictions were made influenced the predictions.

Similar trends in the energy business are being shaped now that are a decade away. The role of wind and solar energy, for instance, are just as hard to predict as oil and gas prices four years in the future.

“You can’t jump ahead. You need to get in the technology train, get with the smartest minds, stick with the stuff that makes money and it will take you there,” he said.

But the potential, he said, is for the oil business “as we know it” to be even more profitable.

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DUG Executive - Jacob Shumway

DUG Executive 2018 - Jacob Shumway (Image: Tom Fox/Hart Energy)

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DUG Executive - Stephen Roberts

DUG Executive 2018 - Stephen Roberts (Image: Tom Fox/Hart Energy)