Why Attend?

What makes the DUG Executive conference different? 


Since 2006, Hart Energy’s regional DUG conferences and exhibitions have documented the rise of unconventional resources and the “shale gale” propelling America’s oil and gas revolution. 
Now, as this generation’s most severe petroleum market correction rebalances, a new kind of DUG event – the DUG Executive conference – delivers One Big Day on the question “What’s next?” for the coming year. 

The DUG Executive agenda examines all of North America’s major unconventional resource plays in a single program.  This on-target content is both broad and deep.  Best of all, every topic is addressed by those who know them best.  This is “the state of the revolution” as seen through the eyes of the most experienced and most active shale producers.  

A DUG Executive panel of operators will examine the roles artificial intelligence and Big Data are playing to help them keep development costs in line.  All the “science drilling” underway continues to advance state-of-the-art understanding of unconventional resources, but exactly which lessons are learned still generates differing perspectives.  

The DUG Executive afternoon program offers coverage on crude oil and natural gas with a series of oil- or gas-focused operators addressing their operational challenges. Many producers remain focused on crude oil even as the U.S. is poised to become a net exporter of natural gas.  Burgeoning LNG exports from the U.S. are altering the balance of power in global energy markets. 

The varied viewpoints provide the content that differentiates DUG Executive from other industry meetings. Throughout the day, one North American producer after another will detail what technologies are working (or not) for their strategies, how they are adjusting their portfolios and operations to maximize earnings – and where they intend to spend money.  

This truly is “a DUG event like no other.”  There is no exhibition floor.  This is a serious, peer-to-peer forum for energy leaders, broadly addressing the world’s most important theater of operations.

Everyone immersed in oil and gas markets will find value attending DUG Executive