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5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Opening Reception on the Exhibit Floor
8:30 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:35 AM
Opening Keynote: Geaux, Haynesville: 6 Bcf to 12 in 36 Months
With just a few dozen rigs, the Haynesville has grown from 6 Bcf/d to 12 Bcf/d in just three years—and that’s really only waiting for an additional 2 Bcf of takeaway capacity to open the valves to 14 Bcf/d. Here’s how new wells surface more of the bounty of gas this rock has in place.
9:10 AM
Operator Spotlight: Haynesville Rock
Goodrich Petroleum is booking the third-highest returns on capital employed among all Lower 48 producers—and that includes those in the Permian. It’s making 2.8 Bcf a lateral foot, hedged at $2.60 an Mcf that nets it a more than 100% rate of return. Here’s how it’s doing it.
Rob Turnham, President & Chief Operating Officer, Goodrich Petroleum Corp.
9:35 AM
Direct to LNG: NatGas Demand
Haynesville and Bossier natgas have direct paths to LNG-export facilities as well as to enormous petrochemical complexes. Here’s the outlook for resumption of export- and industrial-demand growth.
10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:50 AM
Operator Spotlight: 6k Pounds Per Foot
Among its many pilots—including a 16-well pad called Megalodon—Aethon Energy is testing 6,000 pounds of sand per lateral foot. With 340,000 net acres, already producing 1 Bcfe/d, it has miles and miles of Haynesville waiting to be rubble-ized.
Paul Sander, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Aethon Energy
11:15 AM
Operator Spotlight: For Less Than a Buck an Mcfe
Rockcliff Energy is making Mcfe’s in East Texas for less than $1 each. A 20% return is reached at less than $2. And it’s up to 80% hedged into 2022 at more than $2.48. It’s kept four rigs drilling continuously since 2017. Learn more here.
Alan Smith , President & CEO, Rockcliff Energy LLC
11:40 AM
Operator Spotlight: Brown Dense
It has plenty of oil, but how to extract it economically? This operator has 14 unconventional wells in the Lower Smackover and more than 25,000 net acres of mineral rights in northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas. Hear its plans.
Manish Raj, Chief Financial Officer, Velandera Energy Partners LLC
Networking Luncheon
1:15 PM
The Land Master: A Frac-Side Chat With John Jacobi
John Jacobi worked the East Texas and Northwest Louisiana leasing space for two decades before the Great Haynesville Land Rush in 2008 and into this past decade as founder of $2.2-billion Covey Park Energy LLC. He’s got some stories.
John D. Jacobi, CEO & President, Javelin Energy Partners, and Co-Founder, Covey Park Energy LLC
1:50 PM
Operator Spotlight: Northeast Texas
Acres in northeastern Texas have been trading as operators narrow down what is core to their portfolios. Here’s a look at Woodlawn and other vintage fields where last-century technology has left a bounty of reserves in place.
Phil Martin, CEO, New Century Exploration LLC
2:10 PM
Operator Spotlight: Entrance, Not Exit
As the platform U.S. E&P operator subsidiary for Osaka Gas USA Corp., Sabine Oil & Gas is developing its 175,000 net acres in East Texas with a long-term view, rather than toward an exit. Learn here of its portfolio, plans and results.
Doug Krenek, President & CEO, Sabine Oil and Gas
2:35 PM
Operator Spotlight: Stages & Spacing
With scale, this operator is driving new-well and LOE costs to historical lows. Here’s how it makes this deep East Texas gas’ economics work by innovating above-ground.
Craig Jarchow, President & CEO, Castleton Resources LLC
3:00 PM
Networking Break
3:30 PM
The Money & the M&A
Consolidation continues in the Haynesville/Bossier. Hear what capital markets will fund today, at what price PDPs and PUDs are trading, and the outlook for continued deal-making.
3:55 PM
Technical Roundtable: Frac, Repeat
The Haynesville’s catapult to 12 Bcf in just three years was driven in part by rig activity. But the gas volumes from each new well are disproportional to the play’s early years. These experts describe what’s happening downhole that’s making the difference.
4:40 PM
Conference Adjourns