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Wednesday, September 20

Drilling Advances  

New tools, techniques, and technologies offer operators a variety of other ways to gain drilling efficiencies. Presentations in this session will provide insights on these technologies and applications that help improve overall efficiencies.

11:05 AM

New Land Drilling Rig Technology 

11:20 AM

More Power, More Problems

11:35 AM

Introducing the TenarisHydril Wedge XPTM Connection-Providing Extra Torque Performance for Longer Laterals

Completions Advances

Getting there is only half the fun. Once a well is drilled, it has to be completed successfully to reap the benefits of the voluminous shale pays. Completions technologies are the secret sauce that brings prolific wells online.

1:35 PM

Solid Expandable Technology: More Power to Your Reservoir

1:50 PM

HAVOK Motor System - Long Lateral Millout System. The Only All PDC Bearing Milling Motor System

2:05 PM

Benefits of Coiled Tubing Multicycle Frac Sleeves 

2:20 PM

SlicFracTM - Innovative Diversion Frac Technology

  • Jenna Robertson, Product Line Manager, Thru Tubing Solutions - Presentation not available

Fracture Fluids & Additives 

There’s more to fracturing fluids and additives than soapy water. These companies will address components that help smooth the way to a better fracture

3:35 PM

Fracturing Fluid Selection

3:50 PM

Compatibility of Scale Inhibitors and Biocides with Fracturing Fluids

4:05 PM

Fracture Fluid Additives: A Proactive Approach To Maintained Well Integrity