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5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Opening Reception on the Exhibit Floor
Get a jump start on your DUG Midcontinent experience! Pick your badge up early to avoid the lines. Then join us at the Opening Reception for networking and passed hors d'oeuvres with drinks on the exhibit hall floor.
7:30 AM
Registration & Networking Breakfast on the Exhibit Floor
8:30 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:35 AM
Opening Keynote: Stacking Benches
A long-time Oklahoma operator, this producer has added to its portfolio, including in the STACK. Here are its findings to date and its plans to further capture OOIP while within a low-cost structure.
9:00 AM
The Money, Money, Money: A Weigh-In
Get it to Cushing inexpensively? Check. Produce mostly oil? Check. Availability of oilfield services? Check. How are Oklahoma’s latest wells’ returns measuring up against those of other Lower 48 plays? And how do wells compare in-basin?
9:40 AM
Operator Spotlight: The SCORE
Lateral landings in Sycamore, Caney and Osage have been promising. What’s the latest on the potential of these additional layers of oil-saturated rock?
10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:40 AM
Spotlight: The Western Anadarko
With the Granite Wash offering benches from A-Z, operators have been producing profits and further improving margins from the western Anadarko’s myriad formations. Here’s an update on further advancements in recovery.
11:00 AM
Minerals Roundtable: Anticipating Drilling
These minerals buyers develop intense internal modeling of where producers will seek to land laterals next. Here are their insights on what’s hot, what’s cold and what’s warming up.
11:40 AM
Operator Spotlight: Arkoma Update
Rapid growth in activity for oily pay in this basin that was first tapped with laterals for tight gas continues to capture attention. Hear the latest on the play’s sweet spots, challenges and delineation.
Networking Luncheon
1:30 PM
Afternoon Keynote: Benches Within Benches
Operators increasingly explore the Midcontinent subsurface’s capacity for multiple landings within a formation. This producer provides an update on what’s possible today within its rock.
1:55 PM
Operator Spotlight: The STACK
The STACK is expanding vertically and laterally. Here’s a look at additional formations being tested and where the play meets its outermost boundaries.
2:15 PM
M&A Roundtable: Stack, Scoop, Wedge, Merge, Score
After billions of dollars of transaction activity into 2017, deal-making in the Anadarko Basin has settled as buyers focus on their expanded portfolios and investors seek improved recoveries. Where does the basin fit today among targets for a new round of M&A?
3:10 PM
Operator Spotlight: The SCOOP
This producer continues to drive the type curve higher with strategic well placements and highly crafted completion designs. Here’s a look into the data behind its decision-making.
3:30 PM
Panel: Private Operators
From the western Anadarko to the Arkoma Basin, these E&Ps are drilling and delineating. Hear their results and plans.
4:30 PM
Networking Reception
On The Cusp: The Midcon Marshals Resources For Full-Field Development
The Midcontinent is the last major tight-formation basin to embark on full-field development. Delineation efforts in the STACK and SCOOP are maturing and operators are turning attention to the issues of well spacing, well interference, and optimum hydrocarbon harvest to capture economic and performance efficiencies.
7:30 AM
Registration & Networking Breakfast on the Exhibit Floor
8:30 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:35 AM
Opening Field Development Panel: The Last Full Measure
A large public independent discusses the logistical rationale behind full-field development, including underlying economics, efficiency gains and impacts on well interference. A well stimulation firm that specializes in super-extended laterals joins th conversation to outline the challenges in completing laterals beyond 10,000 feet.
9:05 AM
Completion Roundtable: Pump Up The Jams
Panelists from service companies and E&P operations teams address rumors of a slowdown in pressure pumping and whether the real story involves improvements in completion effectiveness, normalization in completion practices, and solving the downhole engineering puzzle.
10:00 AM
Proppant Panel: Like Sand Through The Hourglass Of Time
Two proppant providers provide an overview of the proppant market, including advances in last-mile delivery, the growing trend of sourcing in-basin sand, and trends in proppant volume and proppant size
10:40 AM
Optimization Roundtable: Subterranean Musings
Leading service company technical staff and E&P engineers discuss trends in completion optimization in the Midcontinent. Where are we currently as an industry? Where can we go?
11:25 AM
Technology & Logistics Panel: Water & Turbines
This panel provides an overview of current water practices in the Midcon, including sourcing and recycling as the industry steps across the threshold to full-field development. Meanwhile, a well stimulation provider discusses advances in turbine technology that promise more power, a smaller well site footprint, and lower overall completion costs.
12:10 PM
Conference Adjourns