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8:30 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
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Richard Mason, Chief Technical Director, Hart Energy
8:35 AM
Opening Address: The Business of Full-Field Development
Factories in the field allude to project investments approaching $100 million. What are the business implications as the oil and gas industry marches forward on full-field development in an uncertain commodity price environment? Do large scale projects bifurcate the industry into larger E&Ps who can operate at scale and delayed return on capital and smaller E&Ps who can’t?
Subash Chandra, Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners
9:00 AM
Panel: Overcoming Challenges in Full-Field Development
As the shale revolution matures, more E&Ps are moving to full-field development. Yet these hydrocarbon factories in the field face unexpected learning curves. The Midcontinent exhibits widespread geologic heterogeneity. Hear how industry players are adjusting to geologic setting while seeking a potential hydrocarbon bonanza.
Richard Spears, Vice President, Spears & Associates Inc.
Jason Baihly, Commercial and Risk Manager, Integrated Services Management, Schlumberger
9:40 AM
Panel: Get Me to the Well on Time
Need sand? Across the oil and gas industry, the primary answer is yes—and by the trainload. A prominent sand mining player discusses the size of the Midcontinent proppant market, new capacity infrastructure, and last-mile solutions for getting sand from where it’s mined to where it needs to go.    
Beverly Suffern, Vice President, Commercial Development, Black Mountain Sand
Erik Nystrom, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Covia Corporation
10:15 AM
Networking Break
10:45 AM
Operator Roundtable: Creating Positive Frac-Induced Well Interaction
Midcontinent operators discuss the state of the art in Midcontinent wellbore construction, including parent-child well interaction, and recommend best practices to build economically sustainable oil and gas wells.
Tony Barrett, Vice President, Exploration, Continental Resources Inc.
11:15 AM
Spotlight: Call the Plumber
The industry has settled on slickwater plug and perf as the most attractive way to increase hydrocarbon harvest. That means a million gallons of water, or more, per well. So where is the Midcontinent in terms of regional demand for water, water recycling, regulatory oversight, water disposal and water midstream?
Michael Dunkel, Global Technology Leader for Upstream Water, Advisian, Worley Group
11:40 AM
Closing Keynote: Outside the Black Box
A subject-matter expert addresses data analytics and the digital oilfield and how creative thinking and new approaches to reservoir modeling improve hydrocarbon recovery in a complicated and expensive geo-environment.
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