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Drilling Through It: Arkoma Natgas
This operator continues to drill and complete through 2020, targeting a natgas window in his Arkoma Basin leasehold that has windows into oil and NGLs too. Learn here of the economics that continue to make continuous operations work.
Steve Dixon, Chairman & CEO, Tapstone Energy LLC
Calvin Cahill, President & CEO, Calyx Energy
Operator Spotlight: From Zero To 100k
In just three years, Camino Natural Resources has grown a SCOOP and Merge position of more than 100,000 net acres—and it continues to grow. Here, it shares its outlook and plans.
Speaker TBA, Camino Natural Resources LLC
Producing It: Private Operators
From Cleveland and Tonkawa to Caney, Osage, Meramec and Mayes, these privately held operators are surfacing pay from their shares of the vast Midcontinent hydrocarbon resource in place.
Arkoma Liquids—Woodford, Caney & Mayes
Nathaniel Harding, Founder & President, Antioch Energy LLC
Special Address: A Fireside Chat With Harold Hamm
Continental Resources Inc.’s founder is buying through the downturn, adding 4.7 million shares to his holding in the 1.7-million-net-acre U.S. unconventional-resource power player. He plans to add even more. Here’s his take on 2020 events and his outlook for American oil’s leading role at the global supply table.
Harold Hamm, Founder & Executive Chairman, Continental Resources Inc.
Subsurface, Ph.D.: Meet With the Doctors of “Hydrocarbon-ology”
Go to school with the subsurface experts, who have designed, landed, completed and turned online tens of thousands of shale wells to date.
Well Interference No More
Midcontinent producers have solved for where well communication is a problem and maximized where it’s a plus. This expert explains.
Raoul LeBlanc, Vice President, Financial Services & North American Onshore, IHS Markit
WTI Spotlight: Oil Futures
WTI has improved from the spectacle that was March and April. Some producers are turning their wells back online at $39. This expert describes the current status of world oil supply/demand and the outlook for the balance of 2020 and for full-year 2021. Will the overhang continue into 2022?
Capital: Where’s the Money?
Shareholders are demanding returns now from recent investments and have put a brake on further equity dilution. This expert describes what will capture investment dollars today.
Grant Butkus, Vice President, RBC Capital Markets
M&A: Dealmaking Underway
What’s the bid/ask? What will get deals closed today? How much consolidation among private E&Ps is already underway? What’s the outlook for large E&Ps beginning to buy again? The answers are here.
Midcontinent Midstream
Bountiful with all three streams—oil, NGL and natural gas—the Anadarko Basin is also the home of Cushing and is well-connected to major markets of all three products. Here’s where the molecules are going and the differentials.
Corey Walker, President of Operations, DCP Midstream
Stephanie Kainz, Senior Associate, Enverus
Opening Keynote: Anadarko Rock
Having picked up both the Alta Mesa and Kingfisher portfolios, Mach Resources, in partnership with Bayou City Energy, has grown to 58,000 boe/d with interests in more than 5,700 wells and some 500,000 net Midcontinent acres. Here are the details.
Tom Ward, Founder & CEO, Mach Resources LLC
Operator Spotlight: Ardmore Basin Woodford
The “Extended Woodford Play” in the Marietta and Ardmore basins has gained rigs. Here’s a look at the results to date.
Operator Spotlight: Building on the Merge/SCOOP/STACK
With acres in the Merge, SCOOP and STACK, this producer is harvesting production while making plans for even bigger pads.
Operator Spotlight: The Granite Wash and More
The western Anadarko Basin has dozens of formations and benches as well as liquids windows and gas windows. This HBP’ed operator picks fairways based on what’s the greatest demand for each molecule.
Operator Spotlight: Woodford, Meramec and More
With a portfolio that has deep insight into both the Anadarko Woodford/Meramec and the many benches of the western Anadarko, here are this producer’s results.
Producing It, Part 2: Private Operators
Continuing from conversations yesterday, these private operators share details of their piece of the enormous Midcontinent hydrocarbon resource in place.