Brad McPherson

Enverus, Director, Oklahoma

About the speaker

Brad has served as Enverus’ Oklahoma Director since 2017. Prior to joining Enverus, Brad was President and CEO of Oil-Law Records Corp. (OLR), of Oklahoma City for two decades before OLR was acquired by Enverus (then Drillinginfo) in 2017. With more than 30 years invested in working directly with Oklahoma state-level regulatory data, Brad has been instrumental in the ongoing development of OLR’s flagship data product, the Oklahoma “Source” Spacing database. The Source Spacing database creates a bridge between land, legal, geological and regulatory data During his career, Brad has worked directly with hundreds of energy firms, financial entities as well as state and federal government agencies to create and accelerate access to key regulatory data that the oil and gas industry has come to rely on to make critical decisions. Many industry-standard methods and functionalities today are a direct result of Brad’s vision and trailblazing efforts. Brad received his undergraduate education from the University of Oklahoma and received his legal education at the Oklahoma City University School of Law.