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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Drilling In Stacked Pays
10:45 AM


Drilling Permian Stacked Plays efficiently using Real time Data Analytics

11:00 AM

Stasis Drilling Solutions

Drill Smarter Not Harder; How to Increase Productivity in Everyday Drilling

11:15 AM

Schramm Inc.

Safety, Mobility, and Power Density; A Case for a Two Rig Strategy


Completing In Stacked Pays
2:00 PM


Advanced Resin Coated Proppant Technology Yields Years of Enhanced Production

2:15 PM

Unimin Corp.

Clearing the Air on Silica Dust Control

  • Natalie Eglinton, Resin Product Manager
2:30 PM

Fairmount Santrol

Propel SPP Proppant Transport Technology: Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Frac Design

2:45 PM

C&J Services

LateralScience: Making Engineered Completions An Every Well Event


Production In Stacked Pays
3:30 PM

Production Plus Energy Services Inc.

Considering Transitioning from Gas Lift to Increase Drawdown? How Mitigating Slug Flow Results in Significant Increase in Multiple Well NPVs

3:45 PM

P2 Energy Solutions

How To Overcome The Operational Challenges That Impact Data Capture, Analysis, & Reporting In The Permian
4:00 PM

Global Tubing

Coiled Line Pipe: Delivering The Production Promise Quickly And Cost Efficiently
4:15 PM

Melzer Consulting

Residual Oil Zones in the Permian Basin: Exploiting via Horizontals and EOR