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10:40 AM
Drilling Better, Not Just Faster - Introductory Remarks
Described as trying to hit someone with a baseball bat while dangling from the belly of an airborne airplane, drilling a horizontal well is a spectacular feat. Drillbits that are only a few inches wide must go thousands of feet below stacked layers of rock to reach the reservoir target. It is a feat made possible with advanced materials, skills and technologies working together to drill wells better, not just faster.
10:45 AM
Rig Manufacturer
11:00 AM
Bit Manufacturer
11:15 AM
Directional Drilling Company
11:30 AM
Drill Pipe Company
11:45 AM
Q&A/End for Networking Lunch
1:50 PM
Working Smarter, Not Harder - Introductory Remarks
Extending beneath an area approximately 250 miles wide and 300 miles long, there’s plenty of ground for operators and service companies to cover in the Permian Basin. Digital technologies are making remote monitoring and reporting possible while ensuring windshield time is time well spent.
2:00 PM
Digital Solutions Company
2:15 PM
Digital Solutions Company
2:30 PM
Digital Solutions Company
2:45 PM
Digital Solutions Company
3:00 PM
Q&A/End for Networking Break
3:30 PM
Lifting More, Not Less, For Longer - Introductory Remarks
Like an uncorked bottle of champagne, unconventional wells are notorious for their rapid decline rates. Introducing artificial lift systems into the well helps to keep its flow flowing throughout its life.
3:35 PM
Plunger Lift Company
3:50 PM
Gas Lift Company
4:05 PM
Jet Pump Company
4:20 PM
Electric Submersible Pump Company
4:35 PM
Q&A/End for Networking Break