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DUG Water 2019 - Water: A Good Servant, A Cruel Master

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10:00 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
10:05 AM
Opening Keynote
There are many paths for addressing water issues in oil and gas development. This keynote presentation provides an operator’s perspective on how the E&P sector views the growing challenge.
10:25 AM
Spotlight: Water Market Status
A noted analyst shares perspective on water use in oil and gas development and outlines dynamic trends impacting supply and demand for support services and how these are playing out in 2019.            
B3 Insight, speaker TBA
10:50 AM
Roundtable: Water Takes The Shape Of Its Container
Service providers discuss how evolving technology is addressing recent challenges in delivery, treatment and reuse of scarce water resources in oil and gas development.           
Brent Halldorson, Chief Technology Officer, Fountain Quail Energy Services LLC
11:30 AM
Panel: State Of Water Midstream
A review of the rapid development in the full-service water midstream approach for handling water in oil and gas illuminates where the market stands today.
Goodnight Midstream, Speaker TBA
12:10 PM
Networking Luncheon
1:25 PM
Panel: Water Economics
Multiple options exist for addressing the dynamic challenge of water use in oil and gas. These lead to the next logical questions: what are the costs and economics of water in oil and gas?  
J. Ross Craft, President & CEO, Approach Resources Inc.
Michael Dunkel, Vice President, Water, Jacobs
2:05 PM
Spotlight: Induced Seismicity
This update on the TexNet Seismic Monitoring Project reveals the latest findings about induced seismicity and energy development in the Lone Star State.
2:30 PM
Spotlight: Build It, & The Regulations Will Come
This expert reviews the evolving regulatory climate for water use in energy extraction and how regulatory regimes differ across state lines.
Laura Capper, President & Founder, CAP Resources
3:10 PM
Networking Break
3:40 PM
Spotlight: E&P Case Study #1
A prominent E&P provides an insider’s experience in a case-study setting that addresses the water challenge in oil and gas development.
4:05 PM
Spotlight: E&P Case Study #2
An E&P provides a case-study overview of its experience addressing the water challenge in a prominent oil and gas basin.
4:30 PM
Closing Keynote
An E&P provides perspective on lessons learned and the approaches that have been successful as the oil and gas industry builds its path to the future for water use.
4:55 PM
Conference Adjourns