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1.01 - Opening Keynote: Earning Through the Cycle
Curtailing some 225,000 bbl/d of production in the second quarter, 65% of it from the Lower 48, ConocoPhillips began returning some wells to sales in July. During the gap, its strong balance sheet still net shareholder value. Here’s a look into this leading operator’s plans for going forward.
Matt Fox, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, ConocoPhillips
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1.02 Operator Spotlight: The Southern Midland
New Wolfcamp B wells earlier this year in Reagan County were exceeding expectations and surfacing 85% oil. Here are Earthstone Energy’s details on these and its additional results in the southern Midland Basin.
Robert Anderson, President & CEO, Earthstone Energy Inc.
1.03 Operator Spotlight: Northwest Shelf
Having built and monetized portfolios in northwestern Louisiana and southeastern Texas, the Spur Energy team has picked the Permian’s Northwest Shelf for its newest development. These are its plans for the asset, which entered 2020 with some 25,000 boe/d.
Jay Graham, President & CEO, Spur Energy Partners LLC
1.04 - Operator Spotlight: All The Benches, Permian
The Permian’s might lies in the formidable barrels held within a multitude of layers of formations producers are tapping. Triple Crown describes its findings in its share of this resource-rich basin.
Ryan Keys, Co-Founder, Triple Crown Resources LLC
1.05 - Operator Spotlight: The Most EUR, Permian
Optimizing well productivity begins before it’s drilled. Learn here of how UpCurve Energy factors for best practices in locations and landing.
Dena Demboski, Vice President, Operations, UpCurve Energy LLC
1.06 - Northern Delaware: Operator Spotlight
Building a southern Delaware portfolio from zero to $633 million in under 24 months, the Ameredev team now has a large, contiguous block in the northern Delaware. Learn here of its portfolio and achievements to date.
Parker Reese, President & CEO, Ameredev II LLC
1.07 - A Seat at the Global Oil Table: An Update
This expert brings insight into U.S. producers’ role in the market going forward and how the global geopolitical environment continues to rapidly change.
Tom Petrie, Chairman, Petrie Partners
1.08 - The Private Equity Perspective
Beginning his career as an ARCO Alaska engineer, Dan Pickering has added decades of experience on both the buy- and the sell-side of equity. Today, he leads direct private equity investments. Here is his take on private capital movement in the Permian and the industry overall.
Dan Pickering, Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Pickering Energy Partners
1.09 - In the Pipeline — And Not in the Pipeline
Bakken crude flow has taken a blow that remains in litigation currently. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline was canceled in the midst of an onslaught of challenges. Keystone is on, then off, repeat. How do Permian and Eagle Ford oil and gas fare with less market competition? Learn here.
David Braziel, President, RBN Energy
1.10 - Well-Spacing Strategy: Current Developments
Spacing dynamics vary across the Permian and Eagle Ford. In the overall goal of development that drives sustainable free cash flow, spacing remains a key piece of the puzzle. Here’s insight into current trends as well as challenges operators will face as they emerge from the downturn.
Bernadette Johnson, Vice President, Market Intelligence, Enverus
1.11 - Technical Spotlight: AI, Automation & Robotics
Oilfield application of artificial intelligence is set to continue to grow as technology improves the precision of drilling and hydraulic fracturing. This expert describes operator advantages that exist today and what the operators of the future will need to do today.
David Reid, Chief Marketing Officer, National Oilwell Varco
2.01 - Morning Keynote: The Big Permian DSU
WPX Energy has added 1,500 gross drillable locations on 58,000 net acres of oily, overpressured Delaware Basin in one of the Permian's largest deals. Hear details of the combined WPX portfolio, DSU achievements and plans.
Clay Gaspar, President & Chief Operating Officer, WPX Energy Inc.
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2.02 - Operator Spotlight: Howard County
There’s more oil here than natgas and NGLs. And the bigger molecule is flowing just fine. Hear Sabalo Energy’s findings from the northern Midland Basin.
Mike Dignam, Vice President, Finance & Business Development, Sabalo Energy LLC
2.03 - Horizontal Conventional: Eastern Shelf Sand
With more than 70 years in the business of finding oil and gas, including being an early player in unconventionals, Verado Energy is now exploiting the Permian’s Eastern Shelf in conventional rock but with 2020 expertise. Learn more here.
Chris Graham, President & CEO, Verado Energy Inc.
2.04 - The Southern Midland: A Hydrocarbon Menu
With leasehold that spans the commodity-mix weightings, Sequitur Energy Resources taps the hydrocarbons in demand. Here’s a look at its portfolio and results.
Speaker TBA, Sequitur Energy Resources LLC
2.05 - Keynote: Eagle Ford High-Grading
This legacy Eagle Ford operator shows unwavering commitment to the play. Here, it lays out its case for ongoing development of its top-tier assets.
Mike Henderson, Senior Vice President, Operations, Marathon Oil Corp.
2.06 - Karnes County: Eagle Ford
This producer discusses operations in the heart of the Eagle Ford play in Karnes County. What works and what opportunities remain?
Ryo Manabe, President, INPEX Americas, Inc
2.07 - Operator Spotlight: The Eagle Ford Gas Fairway
Having produced for decades from South Texas, this operator is now making Eagle Ford natgas—at the border that is first in line across the Rio Grande into the high-demand Mexican market.
Glenn Hart, President & CEO, Rio Grande Exploration & Production
2.08 - Turn On the Lights: Communicating ESG Success
Reducing flaring, communicating the energy message, delivering affordable energy to the world. Oil and gas producers do this 24/7. This expert describes how to let the world know—both investors and the neighbors.
Alanna Fishman, Vice President, Cornerstone Government Affairs
2.09 - Magnifying the Effort: Reducing Environmental Risk
There are quantifiable climate-related cost risks increasingly associated with oil and gas operations that are just math—apolitical, not also political. Learn here of an operator collaboration on best practices in taking some of these risks off the table.
W. David de Roode, Founder, Energy ESG Coalition, and Executive Vice President, Global Energy & Marine, Lockton Companies LLP