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8:00 AM
Registration Opens
Fort Worth Convention Center | 1201 Houston St. 
10:00 AM - 4:45 PM
Water and Sand Forum
Old Problems, New Solutions: Permian Water + Sand in 2020   This one-day conference, held in conjunction with DUG Permian Basin 2020, addresses the business and operational challenges of sand and water supplies and logistics in an uncertain economic market.  The program will provide an update on innovative approaches to practical field challenges.       View the Water + Sand Forum agenda here.    
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Opening Reception on the Exhibit Floor
7:30 AM
Breakfast & Networking
Enjoy a hot breakfast buffet while networking. Available on the exhibit floor.
8:30 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:35 AM
Opening Keynote: Bigger Oil
At nearly 5 MMbbl/d now, Permian producers are surfacing a record volume of WTI from the basin that has retaken a seat at the head of the global oil-supply table. This leading producer describes its achievements and plans.
9:00 AM
PERMIAN 100: Celebrating 100 Years of Permian Oil
From humble beginnings, the Permian Basin has produced more than 30 Bbbl of oil and is relied upon foremost in American energy security. These long-time basin operators describe what it holds for the next 100 years.
10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:40 AM
HOMECOMING: The Multi-Nationals' View
Leading Permian producers and oilfield-service providers who produce returns from operations around the globe describe what the Permian looks like from the ground and from abroad.
11:40 AM
Long on Oil: Turn on the Lights
Political debate led by the “energy haves” suggest the “energy have nots” never will. This expert breaks it down and describes the role oil and natural gas will play during the next 100 years.
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Networking Lunch
1:20 PM
Afternoon Keynote: The Big DSU
Grab your sections, line up those rigs. Permian producers are drilling laterals increasingly in manufacturing mode, marching across the desert. Here are the methods and results.
1:40 PM
640x640: Operators' Panel
The three-mile lateral is where producers with blocky enough land are going. Could there be four?
2:40 PM
Seeking Zero: NatGas
Bitcoin miners are setting up shop in Texas oil fields, converting that spare natgas into electricity. Some producers are powering up grids of their own. Flaring is down, but not out. Here’s the status of monetizing associated gas.
3:00 PM
Networking Break
3:40 PM
Permian Hold'Em: M&A and Money
Leasehold and wells are trading hands. But at what pace and at what price? These experts bring insight.
4:15 PM
More Benches: Operator Panel
The Permian’s might lies not just in the formations producers are tapping now. It’s also formidable for the many more layers that haven’t even been tapped with laterals yet. These operators describe their findings in those.
5:00 PM
Networking Reception on the Exhibit Floor
7:30 AM
Breakfast & Networking
Enjoy a hot breakfast while networking. Available on the exhibit floor.
9:00 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
9:05 AM
Morning Keynote: Acres & Iron = Oil
This legacy Permian operator is producing from the western Delaware to the edge of the eastern Midland. With rigs, DSUs, frack spreads, water and sand, here’s what it’s making of its many payzones and how it’s growing the EUR.
9:30 AM
Always Be Fracking: Technical Roundtable
Industry has solved for all hurdles in the past. Infill well performance is the latest challenge. Here’s the master class on how near experts are to adding a “how to” fix for it to the completions-best-practices manual.
10:10 AM
The Takeaway: Updates
Oil takeaway has caught up with supply, but continued Permian growth will create a new bottleneck. Here is an updates on natgas and NGL takeaway and markets.
10:30 AM
Northwest & Central: Shelf & Platform Operator Panel
The Yeso makes good oil up there and the Lower Barnett on the platform is turning in returns. These operators describe their results to date and their plans.
11:30 AM
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