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10:30 AM
Welcome to the Carbon Management Forum
We bring you an in-depth look at the innovations that are making a significant impact and those that are poised to help Permian operators continue to thrive while being more responsible, streamlined and profitable. 
Len Vermillion, Editorial Director, Hart Energy
10:35 AM
Fireside Chat: Carbon Planning and Forecasting
In this one-on-one discussion, we take a macro-view of the implementation of carbon management technologies and projects in the oil and gas business. This expert discussed how to simplify sustainability reporting and disclosures to better position your company for investment in a carbon-free future.
Len Vermillion, Editorial Director, Hart Energy
Jason Offerman, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Persefoni
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11:05 AM
Spotlight: Government Actions and Intentions on Carbon and Methane
With climate change as a top legislative concern for the Biden administration and Congress, what can oil and gas executives and investors expect to see as potential actions on carbon and methane in the near future? What’s currently moving through Washington, D.C, and statehouses across the nation that may serve as guides or challenges to business strategies in the U.S. shale plays?
Len Vermillion, Editorial Director, Hart Energy
Jack Belcher, Principal, Cornerstone Government Affairs
11:35 AM
Spotlight: The CCUS Story
Carbon capture technology has become a hot topic when it comes to managing carbon emissions from oil and gas fields in Texas and beyond. Can it be a game-changer that has significant impact on the reduction of emissions from the industry? This expert is sequestration looks under the hood of various types of carbon capture methods and storage opportunities to offer the answers.
Joe Markman, Senior Editor, Hart Energy
Benjamin Heard, Principal, Gulf Coast Sequestration
Networking Lunch
1:15 PM
Spotlight: The Madness of Methane Management
Like carbon, methane is a hot topic among oil and gas executives these days. This technology E&P analyst tells how monitoring methane is becoming easier, more efficient and more important.
Brian Walzel, Senior Editor, Hart Energy
Jack Blears, Director, E&P Technology Research, Darcy Partners
1:45 PM
Panel: The Methods of Methane Mitigation
From the air and land, and by digital means, monitoring operations and infrastructure for methane emissions data is crucial to a carbon management strategy. These technology experts tell how monitoring methane is becoming easier, more efficient and more important.
Brian Walzel, Senior Editor, Hart Energy
Jennifer Stewart, Principal Advisor, Equitable Origin
Cully Cavness, President & Co-Founder, Crusoe Energy
Steve Deiker, CEO, Kairos Aerospace
B.J. Ellis, President, Liftrock Integrated Lift Services
2:45 PM
Networking Break
3:15 PM
Roundtable: Lands of the (Emissions) Free
From completions to cutting flaring, optimizing the oil patch for a lesser environmental impact has become a necessity not only for satisfying investors, but also for optimizing operations. Putting the technology in place to make a new kind of drilling operation is a technological dance requiring several partners. These technology providers discuss how technology is making carbon management goals possible in the patch.
Faiza Rizvi, Senior Editor, ESG, Hart Energy
Tracy Scott Turner, CEO, CP Energy Services | Sand Commander
Jason Roe, CEO & President, EcoVapor
Jonathan Rogers, CEO, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions
Eyal Aronoff, CEO, Pioneer Energy
4:15 PM
Spotlight: Giving Carbon a Second Life
Beyond cutting emissions, capturing carbon can create a new resource for future economic growth. Imagine a world where technology recycles waste carbon emissions and makes new products, cleaning our air and giving carbon a second chance. This technology provider shows why innovation is rethinking how to not only get carbon out of the atmosphere but also reusing it to make products and more.  
Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor-at-Large, Hart Energy
Tom Wentzler, President, Binder Science
Dr. Johanna Haggstrom, Vice President, Chemicals & Hydrocarbon Fuels Technology, LanzaTech
5:00 PM
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