Conference Agenda

5:00 PM
Opening Reception
7:30 AM
Networking Breakfast
Join us for a hot networking breakfast on the show floor.
8:30 AM
Welcome to DUG Bakken & Rockies 2022
Operators are producing more than 2 MMbbl/d and 8 Bcf/d. Oil is $100. Natgas is more than $7. Here, we discover what more is planned by Bakken and Rockies producers.
8:35 AM
Opening Keynote: Maximum Productivity
This producer is posting ever-greater EURs from intense development of its leasehold. Hear its results and plans for further maximization of productivity.
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9:05 AM
Money, M&A & Markets
Investors asked operators to show them the returns. They’re getting those returns now. What’s next?
10:00 AM
Morning Networking Break
10:40 AM
Bakken Up: Operator Spotlight
This leading Bakken producer describes the latest in completions, costs, results and plans.
11:05 AM
Wyoming: Operator Panel
Within the Rockies, the Powder River Basin and southern Wyoming opportunities continue to fascinate. Here’s why.
Networking Luncheon
1:15 PM
Niobrara: Afternoon Spotlight
With an ever-advancing recipe for the right completion in its acreage and bounty of targets, this producer is increasingly leaving no hydrocarbons left behind.
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1:40 PM
Bakken EOR
These panelists present pilot EOR results to date. Learn here of tacks that are proving promising.
2:20 PM
Acres + Iron + Frac: Operator Panel
These operators are completing for the greatest IPs as well as EURs—along with cycle-time reductions that are putting wells into sales faster. Hear their best practices and plans.
3:00 PM
Afternoon Networking Break
3:35 PM
This producer is leading the way in the Rockies in gaining VIP status for its molecules of Btu. Learn how.
4:00 PM
Green Tech
Here are oilfield-service experts’ insight on new techniques toward helping operators meet their ESG goals.
4:45 PM
Conference Adjourns