7:30 AM
Hot Breakfast & Networking
8:30 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:35 AM
Keynote: To ESG Or Be ESG’ed
Equity investors and executives are increasingly concerned with the role ESG mandates are playing in fund managers’ decisions to invest or not invest. Here’s an overview of the capital that has moved into the “must ESG” column, and a look at what we know about the impact of ESG strategies on financial returns.
9:05 AM
Spotlight: NatGas Is An “E”
U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions have declined during the past decade as coal plant retirements have accelerated and natural gas and renewables have gained market share. At the same time, climate change and GHG emissions have become top issues for private equity, corporate executives and asset managers. How does natural gas address these concerns, and what solutions can they industry offer?
10:15 AM
Networking Break
10:45 AM
Roundtable: Climate Activism & Energy Investing
What are activist investors demanding, and how should companies respond? Potential liabilities and business risks are among the top drivers of adoption of strong ESG policies. What does this activist movement mean for the attractiveness of fossil fuel investments in the coming years?
11:30 AM
Technology: Solutions Now & Future?
What is the potential for widespread adoption of carbon capture and sequestration, methane capture, and integration of renewables and electrification of operations in the current industry? What technologies exist now and what are needed? What are the economics of these technologies?
Networking Luncheon
1:30 PM
Roundtable: The “G” In ESG
What improvements are investors expecting to see on the governance side among E&Ps and oilfield-service firms? Learn how companies are implementing changes and messaging this to current and potential investors.
2:15 PM
Spotlight: An ESG Culture
A commitment to ESG requires that it permeate an organization. How is an ESG culture developed and nurtured? Hear lessons learned from this company’s success.
2:45 PM
Networking Break
3:15 PM
Panel: ESG Benchmarking
As ESG strategies are increasingly adopted, how can companies benchmark their performance against their peers and against investor expectations? How do companies analyze their ESG performance and develop useful metrics? What climate-related financial disclosures are required, and how do companies go beyond these to engage and satisfy investors?
4:00 PM
Roundtable: Getting The Message Out
Communicating corporate advancements in ESG is essential. A great sustainability report and a lively and engaged presence across media platforms can be effective ways to spread the message that a company has made a serious ESG commitment. These experts share their perspectives on strategies that have worked, particularly in messaging to endowments, trusts and mutual funds.
4:30 PM
Networking Reception