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Cradle To Grave: Strategies For Handling Water Over The Full Life Of The Well
One must look below the surface to find water in the Permian Basin’s arid terrain. As the region’s activity continues to climb sky high, finding reliable sources of water to keep operations supplied can be a challenging task. As increased volumes of produced water flows to the surface, so to do the challenges of safely and responsibly managing that water over the life of the well. CLICK HERE to register.
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1:00 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:05 PM
Opening Keynote
University Lands manages the surface and mineral interests for more than 2 million acres spread across 19 West Texas counties, of which 1.4 million acres are leased for oil and gas development. With 21,000 drilling locations identified, the need for water and infrastructure is significant. Hear how University Lands is addressing its water needs so that it can ensure the continued support of the Permanent University Fund responsible for benefitting more than twenty educational and health institutions across both The University of Texas System and Texas A&M University System.
Mark Houser, CEO, University Lands
1:30 PM
Sourcing & Supply Strategies
Leading Permian Basin operators and service providers will provide insights into the sourcing and supply strategies keeping operations running in the region. Topics of discussion include determining water quality, working with different water types, the role of digital technologies in monitoring and more.
Josh Adler, CEO, Sourcewater Inc.
2:10 PM
Networking Break
2:40 PM
Reuse & Recycle Strategies
Technical roundtable discussion involving leading Permian Basin operators and service providers providing insight into the water reuse and recycling strategies.
Bridget Scanlon, Senior Research Scientist; Director, Sustainable Water Resources Program, University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences
Katherine Rosas, Water Business Manager, Schlumberger
Speaker TBA, Peroxychem
3:20 PM
Gathering & Disposal Strategies
Water midstream burst onto the Permian Basin stage more than a year ago offering transportation alternatives for water disposal. As produced water volumes increase, so to do the demands placed on SWD facilities. Leading water midstream and SWD operators will share insights, strategies and more in this roundtable discussion.
Cory R. Hall, President & CEO, Aqua Terra Water Management
4:00 PM
Closing Keynote
Water midstream burst onto the Permian Basin scene just a short time ago. Companies like Goodnight Midstream are helping keep the basin “empty” by providing safe and reliable transportation and disposal options for produced water. Hear how the company plans to continue tackling the water challenge in the year ahead.
Patrick Walker, CEO, Goodnight Midstream, LLC
4:30 PM
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