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1:00 PM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Richard Mason, Chief Technical Director, Hart Energy
1:05 PM
Opening Address: What’s Next in Permian Water Management? 
Water issues are more prominent in the Permian Basin than in any other tight formation play. This subject matter expert provides a 30,000-foot overview of the path forward for sustainable and economic water use in hydrocarbon extraction, including whether the Permian will evolve into a balkanized region with multiple local solutions, or an integrated environment of relatively fewer, larger solutions.
1:30 PM
Panel: How Wall Street Views the Business of Water Midstream
Water midstream is a new option for the oil and gas industry created in part by market necessity. Financial and industry players discuss specific issues surrounding the evolving water midstream business model and the role water midstream will play in allowing operators to achieve sustainable free cash flow.
2:10 PM
Spotlight: A Case Study in Water Solutions
A case study details how a prominent Permian Basin operator sources water, treats water, and recycles produced water for oil and gas production and the business implications of doing so.    
3:00 PM
Industry Roundtable: Towards Better Water Solutions
There are multiple technologies for addressing water-related issues in oil and gas extraction. Oil service providers review the state-of-the-art and the eminently-practical in water management.
3:00 PM
Networking Break
3:45 PM
Spotlight: Call the Plumber
A trade association’s view of the regulatory landscape in Texas and New Mexico when it comes to water management in oil and gas extraction. Where are the near-term bottlenecks and what lies over the horizon in the interface between oil and gas, water use and the general public?
4:10 PM
Closing Keynote: Four Million Barrels of Oil; Ten Million Barrels of Water
A subject-matter expert addresses where water is coming from, the volumes involved, and where it is going after being used for oil and gas extraction.
4:30 PM
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