Carbon Management Forum

1:00 PM
Welcome to Hart Energy’s Carbon Management Forum
We welcome you to Hart Energy’s Carbon Management Forum, where you’ll hear from leading producers, investors, service providers and analysts that are heading efforts toward decarbonizing the upstream industry.
Brian Walzel, Senior Editor, Hart Energy
1:05 PM
Opening Keynote: Transitioning to a Low-Carbon World
A leading producer will share its vision on how to evolve and adapt in the industry’s emerging low-carbon environment.
Brian Walzel, Senior Editor, Hart Energy
William Barrett, Commercial Director, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures
1:30 PM
Spotlight: Setting Carbon Standards
What are the real goals in carbon management reduction efforts? Hear more about how the industry is advancing toward standardized reporting.
1:55 PM
Spotlight: The Investor’s Perspective
How is the investment community evaluating carbon management practices? Hear from those making the financing decisions.
Steve Toon, Editor-in-Chief, Oil and Gas Investor
Greg Davis, Partner, EIV Capital
2:15 PM
Networking Break
2:45 PM
Operator Spotlight
A leading operator will share its best practices into its carbon management program, and share insight into how they did it.
3:15 PM
The Analyst's Perspective
The upstream industry is rapidly de-carbonizing. How will these trends continue, and what can we expect in the coming years? A leading analyst will share their insight.
Brian Walzel, Senior Editor, Hart Energy
Rachel Schelble, Research Director Corporate Research, Wood Mackenzie
3:45 PM
Roundtable: CCS – From the Service Side
New technologies are rapidly emerging in the carbon management space. Learn how leading service providers are providing the tools to get the job done.
Mary Holcomb, Associate Editor, Hart Energy
Gabriel Rio, President & CEO, Milestone Environmental Services
Jonathan Rogers, CEO, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions
John Guoynes, Vice President of Business Development, E3 Energy Services
Toben Scott, President, Return Disposal
4:30 PM
Carbon Offsets, Reuse and Opportunities
Solid carbon management practices can often prove beneficial, not just from an ESG perspective, but also financially. This analyst will share their insight into carbon offsets and opportunities.
Len Vermillion, Editorial Director, Hart Energy
Regina Mayor, Principal, Global Sector Head and U.S. National Sector Leader of Energy and Natural Resources, KPMG
5:00 PM
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