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5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Country Kick-Off Reception
Join us for this kickoff party on the exhibit floor featuring live Texas country music artists Midnight River Choir. Plan to attend this exciting networking event. 
7:30 AM
Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM
Welcome to The Executive Oil Conference 2022
The world has turned to America’s always-reliable oil producers to stabilize decades of overweighted, fanatical foreign influence on supply—and prices. Through ups—and extremely hard and long downs—in price cycles, U.S. producers consistently find a way, assuring energy security at home and to allies abroad. Here’s the American oil portfolio, growth projections and work underway to unlock more and more of the molecules.  
8:35 AM
World-Class Permian: Diamondback Energy
With world-class reserves in one of the world’s largest oil basins, this producer is driving costs lower, EURs higher and percent of resource capture beyond expectations. --Diamondback Energy, speaker TBA
9:00 AM
The Money is Here
This investor and longtime energy analyst describes what the big bucks are looking to play today. The money’s back.
Dan Pickering, Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Pickering Energy Partners
9:20 AM
M&A: Barrels in the Ground
Deals continue in the basin as operators bolt-on and private equity invests, divests and reinvests. Here’s insight into the price per flowing BOE and the outlook for 2023.
9:40 AM
The Permian in a Polarizing Planet
This noted geopolitical expert discusses the need for Permian and all U.S. oil and gas to fuel the world amid global economic and political upheaval.
Tom Petrie, Chairman, Petrie Partners
10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:45 AM
The Path to the NYSE: Permian Resources Corp.
Colgate Energy was looking to go public. Publicly traded Centennial Resource Development was looking to bulk up. The win-win: They combined to form a $7B Delaware pureplay. --Permian Resources Corp., speaker TBA
11:10 AM
Build & Repeat: Double Eagle IV
The legendary Midland-focused E&P is back at it with a fourth lease-develop-sell iteration.
Joshua Gregg, Chief Financial Officer, Double Eagle Energy IV LLC
11:35 AM
The Hunt Led to Hunt Oil: Vencer Energy
With backing of global commodities dealer Vitol Energy, privately held Vencer Energy found a first asset in the Permian, picking up Hunt Oil’s 44k-acre Midland portfolio. -- Vencer Energy, speaker TBA
Networking Lunch
1:15 PM
Permian & Abroad
A legendary producer, this operator’s portfolio, spanning the Lower 48 and strategic interests abroad, describes how the Permian is a key gem in its holdings, its plans for U.S. shale overall and its work in CCS and ESG.
1:40 PM
The Next Acre: VTX Energy Partners
The CEO of this new E&P was part of Brigham Exploration’s Bakken breakthrough, then wildcatting in the Delaware and the Rockies with big exits. What’s next?  
Gene Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer, VTX Energy Partners
2:05 PM
To Market: The Takeaway
As production grows, bottlenecking comes back into play. This midstream analyst takes a look at Permian capacity and what to expect in the short and long term
Rob Wilson, CFA, Vice President, East Daley Analytics
2:55 PM
Midland Basin North, Central & South: Dial a Btu
From the heavily oil-weighted northern Midland to the gassier portions of southern Midland, Btu options abound for operators in the commodities they produce. Learn of well results and plans.
3:20 PM
Networking Break
3:50 PM
The E-Frac: The Associated-Gas Solution
Electricity-powered fracturing puts associated gas to work, eliminating flaring and hundreds of diesel-tanker trips. Here’s a study in success.
Steve Goldstein, Onshore/Offshore Production, Baker Hughes Co.
Jim Saccone, North America Sales Leader, Baker Hughes Co.
4:10 PM
The New Oilfield: Heard at the Pad
A collection of iron, pressure pumping, cybersecurity and more experts discuss emerging solutions for the next generation of oil wells.
Seth Long, President & CEO, Shepherd Safety Systems
Samantha McPheter, President and CEO, eLynx Technologies
4:50 PM
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