Conference Agenda

8:00 AM
Networking Breakfast
9:00 AM
Welcome to the GOM Energy Transformation Conference
Society is wanting energy that is reliable, affordable and ever cleaner meaning the Gulf of Mexico must understand how to optimise their businesses today to deliver a net zero tomorrow.
9:05 AM
Opening Keynote: Tackling the Energy Transformation – a Global Perspective
Leading the energy transition charge this Super Major has set its course to be a different kind of energy company by 2030. Hear the role that the Gulf of Mexico will play in bp’s energy portfolio in 2023 and beyond as the company future proofs itself amid a global supply crunch and an ever-growing climate crisis.  
9:35 AM
Panel: Energy Transformation - What it Means for GOM Oil and Gas Companies
With carbon emerging as a new currency across the globe, will we see this become the main lever of global energy trading? We discuss what a strengthening carbon price globally means for operators in the Gulf of Mexico and for the future of production in this region.
10:15 AM
Fireside Chat: Who, What Where, When & How? The Role of Policy in Decarbonization
Can the regulator mandate change? The energy transition is being fueled in part by local and federal regulations. Hear more about the levers the regulator does and doesn't have to mandate energy transition and how policy is affecting how companies manage their emissions.
Hillary Bright, U.S. Vice President for Renewables, Xodus Group
10:45 AM
Networking Break
11:15 AM
Panel: Investing in American Made Energy Resources
As the energy landscape evolves so does what is considered to be an attractive investment. This panel will discuss the steps that the Gulf of Mexico operators need to be taking to raise the necessary capital to continue evolving in a competitive market.
11:45 AM
Networking Lunch
12:30 PM
The Tech Race to Net Zero
Commitments are being made globally to reach net zero, but what isn’t clear is how we actually get there. NZTC will share lessons learnt on how they have been working in partnership with the public and private sectors, funding R&D and driving investment to close the gap on net zero technologies
1:45 PM
Fireside Chat: CCS; A New-Waste Disposal Industry for America
CCS is on President Biden’s climate agenda with significant new incentives for development being outlined in the recent government plans. Storegga will describe what opportunities and challenges this poses for a potential new revenue stream for GOM operators.
2:15 PM
Panel: Hydrogen in the Gulf of Mexico; Producing and Transporting a Different Kind of Molecule
University of Houston will share the possible scale of future market demand of hydrogen and how the reuse of existing infrastructure, offshore and onshore, might be able to accelerate the popularity of this new energy medium.
2:35 PM
Fireside Chat: Electrons vs Molecules
Offshore wind is coming to the GOM, but how does this actually work in reality. What would it mean for the ERCOT system and what are the complexities of connecting too and operating within this system for offshore producers?
Von Thompson, Energy Transition Director - Subsea 7 Gulf of Mexico, Subsea 7
3:00 PM
Networking Break
3:30 PM
Panel: LNG; Answering the Call for Affordable, Reliable, Lower Carbon Energy?
Recent supply and demand disruptions have lead to an energy crisis in Europe. What role does GOM LNG in coming to the rescue and does a decarbonized product hold more value.
4:15 PM
Closing Keynote: Security and decarbonization – can they co-exist
There are still over 700 million people globally living in the dark and 2.4 billion cooking with harmful and polluting fuels. With the geopolitical environment we are currently living in Jon Fuller discusses the landscape that we are all playing in, sharing some of the lessons from Europe.
Jonathan Fuller, Directory of Advisory, Xodus Group
4:45 PM
Cocktail Reception