Find the Money in MID$TREAM

The program at Hart Energy’s inaugural MIDSTREAM Finance conference will answer the most pressing queries from all directions.  Industry experts in and about today’s midstream sector will address near-term expectations and forward-looking business strategy.

  • Where is private equity money coming from—and where is it going?
  • Is downstream moving into midstream—as upstream moves out?
  • Exports: a new ballgame for North American midstream operators
  • Exit strategies, how to take a private firm through an IPO
  • Building an operating team that makes investors take notice
  • Dealing with Wall Street, how to execute an effective investor relations strategy

From CEO keynotes to expert panels and spotlight presentations on individual companies or focused topics, the MIDSTREAM Finance program is designed to engage and challenge professionals on all sides of midstream activity.

MIDSTREAM Finance Conference

Fairmont Hotel - Dallas




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