Casee Lemons

Sourcewater Inc., Director of Geoscience

Casee Lemons is part of a team that is using new advanced data science and engineering systems to develop unique insights for the Permian Basin. Lemons, who earned her BS in geology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and her MS at Baylor University, is making noteworthy contributions to the oil and gas industry. Casee was awarded the Top Energy Innovator award by Hart Energy in 2019 and the Rising Star Award by the Houston Geological Society in 2015, as well as the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and US National Science Foundation-Australian Academy of Science Research Fellowships in 2012.

Before joining Sourcewater, Lemons was the principal investigator for the TexNet/UT-BEG production and injection analytics program, where she developed the first accurate saltwater disposal stratigraphic charts of the Permian and Fort Worth basins and Eagle Ford play. In this role, Lemons developed a new methodology to evaluate the spatiotemporal evolution of injection and disposal wells’ active depths, stratigraphic landing, and quality control of disposal volumes, wellhead pressures, and changes in permit status. Lemons has subsequently developed automation schemes for these processes while at Sourcewater. In an earlier role at the UT-BEG and Baker Hughes, she conducted integrated geologic characterizations and completions optimization schemes with data mining completions and production.

Earlier achievements include providing geologic expertise to multidisciplinary projects for shale and unconventional reservoirs and working with a team to develop new workflows and techniques for analyzing unconventional reservoirs. Lemons has a patent pending on a process for identifying wellbores, which would economically benefit from the investment of recompletions technologies.