Pamela Roth

Vice President, Government Relations, EOG Resources

Pamela Roth credits friends in the oil and gas industry for encouraging her to pursue a career path within the industry. At the time, the Colorado native was not aware that the industry was so ingrained in the history of the state, she admitted. 

“I was very intrigued because of the important role it has in the state’s history and economy,” she said. 

Today, Roth serves a vital role in government relations for one of the biggest E&P companies in the U.S., serving as vice president of government relations with EOG Resources in Houston.  

Career milestone

“Serving as vice president of government relations for EOG is a career milestone for me. There have been countless peers and informal mentors who have helped me grow over my career, so I feel like they all helped me achieve this accomplishment. I will also say that any long career in oil and gas requires perseverance. The cyclical nature of our industry creates continual change, but the one constant is the importance of building and maintaining relationships.”